11 Affordable Gift Ideas for Backpackers

It can be difficult to find a good gift for a backpacker. We worked hard to find affordable gifts that any backpacker would like to get. We hope you enjoy the gift giving!

Best Lighter

Pro-tec Powder paint

Blaze Orange Pro-Tec Powder Paint – $8

Pro-Tec powder paint is a great durable paint that makes things super visible. Because of the bright color the most common application is to apply powder paint to tent stakes. However, you’ll likely find other things to coat.

Pro-Tec paint is commonly available at sporting good stores and can be purchased online.

Applying the paint to things is actually a lot of fun.

three affordable disposable Bic Mini lighters

Bic Mini Lighter – $4

We recommend the Bic Mini lighter is one of the lightest lighters available. A single Bic Mini lighter can last an entire 6-month thru hike.

A three pack of the lighters retails for around $5.

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Sawyer Squeeze water filter

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter- $30

The Sawyer Squeeze is one of the most used water filters for backpackers and thru-hikers. It is easy to use and maintain under the most extreme conditions.

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a spool of string

NYMO Thread – $9

Nylon Monochord or NYMO thread is a single bonded strand type of thread, not several strands twisted together. NYMO thread is much stronger than the thread found in travel sewing kits. Size D NYMO thread is 0.008 inches (0.203 mm) thick and is great for repairs. Commonly provided in a pack of three 64-yard bobbins.

a thin sheet of transparent plastic or a Polycryo Ground Cloth

Polycro Footprint – $11

Polycryo is made from cross-linked polyolefin which is an extremely tough and puncture resistant plastic. Because of the high strength of Polycryo it can be made super thin and still be a useful ground cloth. The Polycryo we tested was measured to be about 0.3 mm thick and weighed only 1.4 grams per square foot.

Canister and Stash Lid

Isobutane Fuel Canister – $5

Most backpackers today use isobutane canister stoves. These stoves are easy to use and are also lightweight. If you know they have an isobutane stove, you can’t go wrong by getting them a fuel canister. The smaller 100 gram fuel canisters are great because they are light and can typically last a week or more.

**Note: Fuel canisters can’t be transported by air.

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tent stake

Titanium Shephard’s Tent Stakes – $2

Titanium Shephard’s tent stakes are lightweight (about 6 grams each) which makes them a favorite among backpackers and thru-hikers. If you are getting them the Pro-Tec powder paint, you can get the titanium Shephard’s tent stakes without the rubber coating. A set of 6 titanium Shephard’s tent stakes will cost around $12.

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swiss army knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife – $20

The Swiss Army Classic SD pocket knife has a small cutting blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver, key ring, toothpick and tweezers. This knife only weighs only 0.7 ounces (20 grams) making this one of the lightest and most useful knives available.

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Smart Water bottle

700 ml Smartwater Water Bottle – $2

The 700 ml Smartwater water bottles are commonly available at most grocery stores. The Smartwater bottles are great because the threads match up with the threads on the commonly used Sawyer Squeeze water filters. These water bottles are also lightweight which make them very popular on the trail. The nozzle on the 700 ml Smartwater bottle matches up with the Sawyer Squeeze output nozzle making it easy to backflush the water filter as well.

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Solar Panel – $22

Solar panels are now lighter than ever. This 10-watt solar panel can help keep your electronics charged when backpacking for extended trips.

FarOut App Guides – ($ prices vary)

Give them a card saying you will buy them the guide they want 🙂

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