Do you have a friend or loved one who loves backpacking or is planning a thru-hike next year? Give them a holiday gift that they can use on their next outdoor adventure!  Here are 25 practical and handy gift suggestions that your hiker will love.

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1. FarOut Gift Card

Give the gift of adventure with a FarOut gift card.  The card may be used toward the purchase of any of FarOut’s trail guides. $10 to $100

FarOut does not receive a commission for the purchase of any of the following items.

2. Mini Bic Lighter

This lighter is half the size and weight of a common lighter and will likely last an entire thru-hike if you are just lighting your stove. $6 for 3-pack

To learn more about lighters, read our blog post Will a BIC Mini Lighter Last for Your Entire Thru-Hike?

We suggest purchasing at a local grocery or convenience store.

three affordable disposable Bic Mini lighters

3. Swiss Army Classic Knife

In addition to a blade, this small knife contains tweezers, a toothpick, and scissors and it weighs only 1.3 ounces. $22

To learn more about backpacking knives, read our blog post What Type of Knife Should I Carry?

Buy from Victornox

Affordable Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife with scissors, tweezers, knife blade, great weight savings

4. Sawyer Squeeze

I recommend the Sawyer Squeeze because it has a fast flow rate, (1.7 liters/minute), is lightweight (~3 oz), and doesn’t have moving parts that can break.  $39

To learn more about Sawyer water filters, read our blog post Review: Sawyer Squeeze and Sawyer Micro Flor Rate Tests

Buy from REI

5. Aluminum Potty Trowel

The Deuce aluminum ultralight potty trowel is durable and only about 0.6 oz. The TentLab now offers the Deuce in 3 models. The only complaint is that it puts a lot of pressure on your palm while digging in tough soil. $19 to $23

To learn more about backpacking shovels, read our blog post Should I carry a shovel on my backpacking trip?

Buy from The TentLab

6. Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets

Use these tablets when you believe the water could be contaminated with viruses. Stagnant water, such as a pond or lake water has a higher chance of containing viruses than flowing water. Viruses are so small they pass through any water filter. You only need to carry a few tablets between resupply. $16 (for a package of 30 tablets)

To learn more about purifying water on the trail, read our blog post How to Purify Water While on Trail.

Buy from REI

7. Darn Tough Hiker 1/4 Cushion Socks

Socks? Yes, these socks will actually make the recipient very happy! Hikers need light and breathable socks that can handle hundreds of miles of abuse. Darn Tough socks are one of the most popular socks on long-distance trails for a good reason: Darn Tough will replace worn or damaged socks at no cost, making this a great value. $20

Buy from Darn Tough

8. Down Hood

You lose a lot of heat from your head. By wearing a warm hood at night, you can dramatically reduce heat loss and avoid upgrading to a heavier sleeping bag or jacket.  $55

To learn more about hoods, read our blog post 3 Popular Outdoor Hoods to Keep You Warm.

Buy from Katabatic Gear

An elastic hood

9. Titanium Tent Stakes

Titanium tent stakes are one of the lightest types of tent stake and make a great stocking stuffer. $2 each

To learn more about tent stakes read our blog post 4 Types of Tent Stakes.  

Buy from Amazon

Tent stake next to a ruler

10. Petzl 300 Lumen Headlamp

The Petzl 300 lumen headlamp can run on a rechargeable battery or AAA batteries. This headlamp provides enough illumination to hike less groomed trails at night.  $30 

To learn more about tent headlamps read our blog post We Tested 4 Popular Backpacking Headlamps

Buy from Petzl

Headlamp next to a ruler

11. 10,000 mAh Battery Bank

The 10,000 mAh Nitecore NB1000 power bank provides a lot of power while weighing just 150 grams (5.3ounces).  $60 

To learn more about battery banks visit read our blog post The Past and Future of Battery Banks

Buy from Nitecore

Battery Bank

12. Weatherproof Lightweight Journal

Keeping a journal while hiking is a great way to remember your journey. A weatherproof journal will keep your memories safe.  $4 

Buy from Rite in the Rain

Weatherproof notepad

13. Pro-Tec Powder Paint

Pro-Tec powder paint is a great durable paint that makes things super visible. The most common application is to apply Blaze Orange Pro-Tec Powder paint to the ends of tent stakes. However, you’ll likely find other things to coat.  $8 

Buy from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Powder Paint

14. Kenyon Repair Tape

Kenyon repair tape makes it easy to patch up a hole or tear in your rainwear, sleeping bag or even your tent.  $4 

To learn more about how to patch a hole in a jacket or tent read our blog post How to Patch a Hole on Your Jacket or Tent.

Buy from Kenyon

Kenyon Repair Tape

15. Multifunctional Paracord

For the MacGyver: paracord that contains waterproof waxed lined tinder, 50 pound test fishing line, and cotton sewing thread. $10 

Buy from Amazon

Multifunctional Paracord

16. Portable Backcountry Bidet

The number of people venturing outdoors has increased dramatically in the last few years. Sadly, not everyone understands the leave no trace principles. In some areas toilet paper litters the landscape. Using an outdoor bidet can help alleviate this problem. $10 

To learn more about backcountry bidets, read our blog post How to Use a Portable Backcountry Bidet.

Buy from CuloClean

Titanium Spoon

17. Titanium Spoon

A backpacking spoon is one of the most cherished pieces of gear a hiker carries. $9 

To learn more about backpacking spoons read our blog post The Best Ultralight Backpacking Spoon.

Buy from TOAKS

Titanium Spoon

18. Lightweight Polycro Footprint

Polycryo is made from cross-linked polyolefin which is an extremely tough and puncture resistant plastic. Because of the high strength of Polycryo it can be made super thin and still be a useful ground cloth. $11 

To learn more about ground cloths read our blog post 3 Popular Ground Cloths for Your Thru-Hike.

Buy from Six Moon Designs

a thin sheet of transparent plastic or a Polycryo Ground Cloth

19. Trekking Pole Rubber Tips

Rubber tips can increase the grip on rocky terrain and also add life to the carbide tip on your trekking pole.  $5 

Purchase the same brand as the trekking poles.

Buy from REI

Trekking Pole Rubber Tips

20. Outdoor Coffee/Tea Maker

Having a fresh cup of hot cup of coffee or tea in the outdoors can be a great way to start the day.  $20 

To learn more about backpacking coffee makers visit our blog post 8 Ways to Make Coffee While Thru-Hiking or Camping.

Buy from MSR

GSI Outdoors Coffee Maker

21. Instant Coffee

Having a cup of hot cup of coffee without the wait or hassle of preparing coffee can be a great way to start the day.  $1 

To learn more about instant coffee read our blog post 6 Instant Coffee Brands for Thru-Hiking.

We recommend purchasing from your local grocery store.

Starbucks Instant Coffee

22. Permethrin Insecticide

Permethrin is sprayed on clothing and then dried. When the Permethrin dries it binds with the fabric. Permethrin incapacitates and kills insects when they come into contact with the Permethrin on the clothing. $17

To learn more about Permethrin read our blog post How to Use Permethrin Insect Repellent on Clothing.

Buy from REI (or pick it up at WalMart, less expensive)

23. Soto Windmaster

The Soto Windmaster stove performs well in the wind and is extremely fuel efficient. It can boil 2 cups of water in less than 2 minutes.  $65 

To learn more about backpacking stoves read our blog post We Tested 5 of the Most Popular Backpacking Stoves.

Buy from Soto

Soto Windmaster

24. Smartphone Port Plugs & Cleaning Brush

Dirt and sand lodged in your smartphone ports can cause serious problems. Keeping the ports closed with a dust plug can prevent this problem.  $7

Purchase according to the specific phone model

Buy from Amazon

Smartphone plug

25. Body Glide

When you hike, certain parts of the body rub against each other. Areas like your thighs and feet are prone to friction. This friction can quickly cause painful chafing. Body Glide helps reduce this friction and eliminates the chafing.  $6 

Buy from Body Glide

Body Glide
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