6 Lightweight and Practical Tips for Thru-Hiking

We started this company as thru-hikers who wanted to help other thru-hikers. We know a lot about long-distance backpacking, so we decided to give you our top 6 lightweight and practical tips to consider on your next hike.

bow drill

1. Use a bow drill to start a fire

Lighters can run out of fuel… but a bow drill always works if used correctly! 

A handheld portable battery

2. Carry a handheld battery as you hike

Take the weight off your back. Bring a lightweight battery that you can easily carry in your hand as you hike.

A woman wearing a big sun hat

3. Protect yourself from the sun AND the rain

Sun protection is important but it is also important to keep your pack dry from the rain. A large sun hat can do both!

plastic sextant

4. Use a plastic sextant for navigation

The plastic sextant is a reliable, lightweight, and an easy way to navigate that works without electronics. Use the artificial horizon when you’re not near a lake. 

khaki cargo shorts

5. Cargo shorts = worn weight

Wear cargo shorts on your hike so you can load up the pockets to reduce your pack weight and increase your worn weight.

A portable red and black grill
Photo credit for all photos above: Amazon

6. Don’t let the Grill Master inside you fade

A lot of hikers carry small stoves to boil water and cook their food, but if you bring a small grill on your hike, you can have it all! With this grill you can barbecue and boil water at the same time.

April Fools’!

We do not actually recommend any of these tips, unless you really like cargo shorts. Then you ROCK those cargo shorts!