October 19, 2021

We have a new trail name.

As we grow our app, long loved by hikers, to include the bikepacking and paddling communities, we’re excited to adopt a new name that reflects where we want to help you go: far out.

What’s New

• The name of our app: FarOut.

• You asked for it and you get it: a Web App! Same app, now on your computer.

• We put our Guthook Guides app, Bikepacking Guides app, and Cyclewayz app into one app: FarOut

• We have a new website: faroutguides.com.

• We have new social media handles: @faroutguides.

What’s the Same

• Your purchases: if you bought it, it is still yours forever. Access everything through the FarOut app.

• App functionality: the FarOut app has a new color scheme and font, but the functionality hasn’t changed.

• Our company: we’re the same people and same company. No one bought us and we didn’t take investment money.

• Ryan “Guthook” Linn still works here and he is happy to have his trail name back!

The Details

In 2012, our Co-Founders, Paul and Ryan, launched our very first iOS app for the Pacific Crest Trail and called it “Guthook’s Guide to the PCT” after Ryan, or as some people know him by his well known “trail name” – Guthook.

After almost 10 years of the “Guthook app” taking the thru-hiking world by storm, we decided it was time we gave Ryan his trail name back. Don’t worry, Guthook is still here. And we’re still the same small, outdoor-loving company you all came to love and trust to get you from point A to point B. We just decided it was time we switched things up.

30_September_2021_Bikepacking_Edits (3 of 29)

Some of you may know that in addition to our thru-hiking focused “Guthook Guides” app, we also had a “Bikepacking Guides” app for some of your favorite long-distance bikepacking trails. And in addition to that, we even added our very first paddling guide to the Guthook Guides app this year. Well, we decided that it was time we put all of our guides back into one single app. Endless adventurous opportunities in the app that will take you far outside… outdoors… out into the world. FarOut. 

We decided as a company that in order for us to keep expanding and growing amongst our beloved thru-hiking community, but also into some of our other favorite communities such as bikepacking and paddling, and adventuring in general, it was time for us to adopt a name that really encapsulates everything we hope to do.

Here at FarOut, we believe that everyone has the right to get outside and adventure, and we want to do our part in helping and encouraging those to do so. Our app was created to help people get outside and onto trails all around the world.

In addition to maintaining and updating our app, we’ve also been hard at work all year developing our web app which you can now find directly on our website at faroutguides.com. You no longer have to stare at your phone screen to plan your trips or explore new trails, and can now access all of our trail guides right from your computer or tablet. We have put a ton of work into developing our web app and are so excited to finally share it with the world. And more importantly, our customers who have been asking us for one for years!

But wait, there’s MORE. We are launching our first subscription! FarOut PRO. Now you can subscribe to our app and gain unlimited access to ALL of our trail guides. For those who have a never ending bucket list of trails to hike, this is a dream come true!