The Ideal Sewing Kit for your Thru-Hike

A sewing kit is one of the most underrated hiking necessities. Here is what should be included in your sewing kit to be prepared.

a sewing kit on a scale

Lightweight Commercial Sewing Kit

Simple commercial sewing kits can weigh less than 1 gram.

a sewing kit being measured

Needle Threader

If you have a hard time threading a needle, you may want to carry a needle threader in your kit. Needle threaders typically weigh around 0.5 grams.

Safety pins being measured in length

Safety Pins

There are so many uses for safety pins that every sewing kit should have at least one. Safety pins weigh a fraction of a gram. The safety pin pictured weighs 0.1 grams.

a floss container

Dental Floss

Dental floss can be used as emergency thread but doesn’t have the strength and properties as high quality thread.

a spool of string

Nymo Thread

Nymo thread is a nylon monchord, this means it is a single bonded strand. Normal sewing thread is composed of multiple filaments. Nymo thread was originally created for the use in the upholstery industry and is generally much stronger than normal sewing thread.

a sewing kit with clothes pin

DIY Sewing Kit

I think the best sewing kit is the one you can make. You can select the type of thread and colors that match your specific needs. This simple DIY sewing kit was made from a business card, needle, extra thread, safety pin, and a needle threader and it only weighs about a gram. The sewing kit pictured would be a good sewing kit for a day hiker. A more advanced kit with more thread, a spare needle, and extra safety pins would be better for a longer hike or backpacking trip.


I think every thru-hiker should make their own sewing kit to reflect their personal sewing needs. Hiking without a sewing kit is not recommended.