Thru-hiking 101: Calculate the Cost of Your Thru-Hike

How much will your thru-hike cost?

We created this calculator so you can estimate the cost of your next long-distance hiking trip based on your personal hiking style. The calculator estimates the cost of consumables while on the trail and assumes that you have already purchased all of your hiking gear.

The cost of your hike can drastically change depending on your food preferences. If you buy grocery food instead of buying expensive freeze dried backpacking food you can save a lot of money. To learn more about planning your backpacking food, visit our Intro to Trail Food Blog.

Restaurant food in town can also get expensive.  But it’s hard to pass up the social aspect of eating out.  To learn more about planning your town food, visit our Tips for Planning Your Food in Town Blog.

Town accommodations can be one the most expensive parts of a long-distance hike.
To learn more about town accommodations, visit our Trail Town Accommodations Blog.

Food packed for hiking trip arranged on a table

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