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This full-featured demo of the app includes a 37 kmloop ride from Everton to Beechworth in the high country of Victoria.

Ride up the gentle climb on the rail trail to the historic gold mining town of Beechworth. Explore the Beechworth Gaol which housed the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly. On your return, ride on quiet roads through the forest stopping off at a winery or two on the way.

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486 km Loop, Medium, Flat/Hilly,Roads/Rail Trails, Sealed/Unsealed

Who was Ned Kelly? Why after all this time is he still so well known? His cool armour head gear could be part of the reason. His helmet can be seen in many farmer’s mailboxes on numerous Bikepacking Routes.

Was he a villain, a hero, or a bit of both? You can make up your own mind as you ride and explore all the key sites where the legend of the Ned Kelly Gang lives on! On the way you will enjoy fabulous views and great places to stay.


98km, Loop, 1390m climb, Quiet Roads, Rail Trails

This ride is fun, has great views and must be one of the easiest to access by train. It is a foodie circuit that takes in craft breweries and many high country wineries. Love the stunning rampart bridges. The river gums are huge and the views are sweeping. Stop at the wineries and foodie stops and stay for the night.


About our partner

Rob and Angela Mosley created Activewayz to provide hikers and cyclists with the local knowledge, easy access and confidence to hike and bike the fabulous trails within Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been very excited to work with FarOut since 2016 and we are creating amazing long-distance rides around Australia and mapping rail trails and cycle paths. Our unique Cycling Networks show rideable back country roads with cyclist relevant information to suit different riding styles. This allows the cyclist to build their own route on riding stylesthey prefer. Hiking in Australia and New Zealand is varied and our focus is to provide an opportunity for bushwalkers to find our fantastic walks and long distance trails easily and to hike them with knowledge of the conditions and supports available. We love hiking and biking in Australia and tramping in New Zealand and hope you do too.

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