10 Tips to Save Your Phone Battery on Trail

In order to use a navigational app like FarOut while you are on trail you have to keep your phone battery alive. Here are some tips to make keep your phone charged while you are off the grid.

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Keep in mind that these tips are just tips and they will not guarantee that your phone stays alive for a certain period of time. You also have to consider the type of phone you have as well as how old it is. We recommend that all hikers carry a compass and a paper map as a backup. Technology can fail and we want you to be safe! 

holding smartphone guide
Woman sitting in sleeping bag outside holding a smartphone.

Top 10 Phone Battery-Saving Tips

1. Turn off your cellular data, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi when not in use. Or put your phone in airplane mode when you’re in areas with no cell service. 

2. Download offline maps and photos ahead of time so you aren’t using up your battery downloading them on trail.

3. Turn your phone completely off (or at least put it in airplane mode) while charging it from the external battery or you can accidentally drain both the phone and the battery!

4. Reduce display & brightness to a minimal level. A brighter screen uses a lot more power than a dim screen.

5. Use a dark background (wallpaper) on your screen. A bright white background uses more power than a dark background. Or turn your phone on “night mode”.

6. Set your screen timeout to the shortest possible time.

7. Turn off push notifications for apps that you don’t use or want to be notified of while on trail.

8. Do not leave apps running when not in use. Make sure to completely quit them.

9. Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures (e.g. put it in your sleeping bag at night when it’s cold and keep it out of the hot sun during the day).

10. Android users: if available, carry an extra device battery rather than a heavier external battery.