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Victoria, 8 Km, Coastal, 1-3 hours

This is a wonderful walk along the clifftops and dipping down to the sandy beach. With expansive views of the cliffs, headland and wild Bass Strait oceans are well worth it. All the locals love this walk! 

The Ten Hiking Essentials

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This Australis and New Zealand hiker special bundle currently includes: Australian Alps Walking Track, Bibbulmun Track, Cape to Cape, George Bass Coastal Walk, Greenstone and Caples Track, Heysen Trail, Kepler Track, Larapinta Trail, Milford Track, Overland Track, Routeburn Track, Three Capes Track, Walk the Yorke, and Wilsons Promontory Grand Circuit.

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US$53.99 / AU$79.99


Distance: One way, 680 km HARD and REMOTE

The Australian Alps Walking Track takes you through some Australia’s best hiking country. The views are spectacular.

The hike goes through remote areas and requires special planning. You will need to arrange food and water drops prior to your journey. The area passes through alpine and sub-alpine forests so please avoid hiking in times of extreme fire danger. Water on the trail can be very scarce.

South to North

Most people walk south to north because the guidebook by Chapman goes that way.

Namadgi Visitor Centre has a basis café and can provide reasonably safe, free parking to walkers on the track. However, you should always notify staff.
Walhalla has no public transport and leaving car in the village for 6 to 8 weeks would be at your own risk. The Star hotel offers a shuttle if you stay 2 nights. But we suggest you call them for additional details and cost.

Kiandra is an excellent place for a food drop. Great road access and midway between Dead Horse Gap (Thredbo) and Namadgi.

Best options for a break on the track are Hotham, Falls Creek and Thredbo. All are walking distance from the AAWT.

No Guaranteed Potable Water

There is no guaranteed potable water anywhere on the track. It is all from streams, springs and hut rooves so always treat the water. Horses, humans and carcasses have polluted some of the water sources.  Water treatment is essential on this track.

Climate change is impacting the track, so if it is dry season, only rely on the larger marked rivers. Many springs are drying up and cannot be relied on. Carry plenty of water.

The few water tanks on the trail are filled by guttering on a small roof.
Sometimes it is wise to include a water drop with you food drops. It can make all the difference.

Emergency Shelter

We have shown huts on the app. All publicly open huts in the Australian Alps National Parks are designated for temporary ‘Emergency Shelter Only’. Walkers and park visitors are encouraged to be self sufficient in regarding to always carrying their own tent or shelter rather than relying on huts for overnight accommodation, as they may not reach the hut; may not find the hut in poor weather; or it may be overcrowded when they arrive. Generally, suitable tent campsites can be found near-by to most huts.

Basic ‘Caring for huts and respecting heritage’ info can be found here on the Alps website:

Caring for huts and respecting heritage

Caring for the Alps

Thank you for the AAWT Management Team for their valuable route and waypoint information.

US$16.99 / AU$26.99


Australia, 1002km, Mixed country, 2 months approximately

The Bibblumun Track – Ancient old growth karri forests, tingle trees, breathtaking wildflowers and stunning coastal scenery. A long distance hike that passes through small country towns and peaceful forests.  There are well placed shelters (with water tanks) each night and not too many hills!

Tiny birds that sound like bells wake you up each morning. A landscape that meanders along as the mind often does the same on a slow hike. A wonderful place to absorb subtle changes. A journey for the soul not to be missed! Just keep alert to the snakes!

US$16.99 / AU$26.99


Australia, 135 km, Coastal, 6 to 8 Days.

A wild, uninhabited coast line with majestic forests, cliffs, caves, headlands and rocky formations awaits the Cape to Cape hiker. The white sandy beaches, Karri forests, rocky beach side ledges and thundering surf mean this walk is always fun and interesting! It meanders along the whole length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, which forms the backbone of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in the far south west of Western Australia.  The wildflowers in spring are amazing. You will need to do some preparation as uninhabited means small shops with few supplies.

US$5.99 / AU$8.99


8 Km, Coastal, 1-3 hours

This is a wonderful walk along the clifftops and dipping down to the sandy beach. With expansive views of the cliffs, headland and wild Bass Straight oceans are well worth it. All the locals love this walk!

This walk is named after the renowned maritime explorer, George Bass, a man hardly known for walking. In 1797, he set sail from Sydney Cove and encountered this coastline while proving that a stretch of water did separate the mainland from Tasmania. It was a hell of a point to make, given he did it in an open boat only 8.7 metres long. The boat could be powered by its sails or by 6 to 8 oarsmen. It was a very adventurous journey and replicated in 1997, by a team of sailors from Sydney.

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1100 km. Easy/Medium, Northern Section is remote and can be very hot and dry.

South Australia’s Heysen Trail extends from Cape Jervis, on the Fleurieu Peninsula, to Parachilna Gorge, in the Flinders Ranges, opening up South Australia like a zipper as it traverses coastal areas, native bushland, rugged gorges, pine forests, vineyards, rich farmland and historic towns.

The Trail passes through some of the most scenic parts of the state including national parks, state forests and internationally acclaimed tourist destinations, including the Barossa Valley and the stunning outback of Wilpena Pound.

Serious Backpacker

It caters for both the serious backpacker hiking the entire trail and for walkers doing day walks along shorter sections.

For planning your trip, food re-supply points and transport options there is excellent information at

Thank you to Julian and the Friends of the Heysen Trail for the trail route, waypoint information and photos.

For the latest information and planning your trip please refer to:-

The Friends of the Heysen Trail

US$16.99 / AU$26.99


Australia, 231 km, Desert/Outback, 13-18 Days.

The Larapinta Trail, in the heart of Central Australia, runs 223km along the spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges covering some of the most spectacular ranges and gorges within the vast Australian outback desert.

The deep red gorges and cool waterholes offer an oasis for a refreshing swim in a very hot and arid land. On the rugged rocky ridges, formed millions of years ago by the rock layers being pushed on edge, you can see forever – to far off ranges without any sign of human development.

US$11.99 / AU$18.99


Tasmania, Australia, 72 km, 5-6 Days

The Overland Track located in a World Heritage area is Tasmania’s iconic hike. Start out at the beautiful Dove Lake and marvel at Cradle Mountain with its distinctive rock outcrops towering above. The side trip to climb Cradle Mountain rewards you with spectacular views over the glacially formed alpine lakes, tarns and far off mountains. As you hike south, the dominant dolerite peak of Barn Bluff commands your attention from the surrounding alpine plains.

Magnificent Pandani palms with their dark green spiky leaves flourish like an oasis in the shelter of Waterfall Valley. Enjoy a snack on the sandy beach of Lake Will and even a swim in its icy waters.

Like medieval Japanese paintings, the pencil pines with their ancient trunks and spindly foliage reflect into the tranquil Lake Windemere waters.

The views down to the rugged and remote Mersey River Gorge from Pine Forest Moor provide you with a wonderful sense of being in the wilderness.

Mount Ossa

The peaks of West Pelion and the very distinctive East Pelion stand like sentinels.
A side trip to Tasmania’s highest peak Mount Ossa (1617 m) can provide 360 degree views across to Frenchman’s Cap and beyond.

The Du Cane Range has some magnificent forests and views. Following the Narcissus River downstream towards Lake St Clair provides great views of The Acropolis and Mt Geryon. When you arrive at Lake St Clair you can either catch the ferry or meander along beside the lake in a beautiful forest.

Start: Dove Lake, Lake St Clair.

Seasons: Spring, Summer and Autumn. Weather conditions can change quickly and snow, hail and rain can occur any time of the year – even summer!

US$9.99 / AU$9.99


Queensland, Australia, 49 km

Marvel at the towering trees in this World Heritage listed Gondwana rainforest. The views along the Great Dividing Range are spectacular. No wonder it has been rated in Lonely Planet Top 10 Regions in the world for 2022.

It is close to Brisbane so enjoy getting away from it all in an amazing place.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


Tasmania, Australia, 162 km, 11-14 days

The South Coast Track and Port Davey Track is one of the last remaining truly wilderness hikes. There is no phone reception and you need to be self sufficient as there are no access points except the Melaleuca Airstrip. When Toby hiked the Port Davey section he saw no other hikers in 4 days.

The hike takes you over the impressively named Ironbound Mountain Range with its views across rugged bays and headlands. Walk along deserted sandy beach coves.

Paddle across Bathurst Harbour with Mount Rugby dominating the vista.

US$11.99 / AU$18.99


The Tasmanian 3 Capes Track is a cliff hugging hike in the wilds of Tasmania. The amazing, ancient dolerite cliffs of Cape Pillar, Cape Hauy and Cape Raoul drop 300 metres directly to the ocean making them the tallest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere.  This 46km hike is set up as a hut hike and allows only 48 hikers each day. You are required to stop at each hut and stay a night along the way.

You start and finish your journey at the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur Historic Site. The first part of the tour is a  boat cruise where you will explore coves and see the amazing dolerite cliffs from the water as you head to Denmans Cove.  You might be lucky to see migratory whales, dolphins and resident fur seals populations. The hike takes you through Eucalypt woodlands, ferny forests and coastal heaths. At Cape Hauy spot the climbers out on the Totem Pole – a small column of rock that just up from the oceans below.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


483 km One Way, Easy, Flat, Quiet Roads/Tracks,

Get away from it all. Walk along long stretches of coast with no one else in sight. Walk on tracks and quiet country roads beside spectacular coastlines and cliffs.

Expect fabulous scenery, not many people and delicious fish and chips. This walk suits the hiker who enjoys peace and just the sound of the sea.

The towns along the coast are small and the grocery shops with limited food options for hiking .

Walk the Yorke starts in the historic copper mining town of Moonta and ends in Port Wakefield.

The hike hugs the coast for almost all the Peninsula. The last 33 km from Clinton to Port Wakefield takes you up a hill to get views of the St Vincent Gulf and then onto the saltbush plains beside the Yorke Highway towards Port Wakefield. Just before Port Wakefield there is a tidal creek to cross.

The Walk the Yorke trail can be impacted by sand drifts and track works. For the latest information and planning your trip please refer to

Thank you to the Yorke Peninsula Council for creating a wonderful trail and your support in supplying trail information.

US$11.99 / AU$18.99


Australia, 54 km, coastal walk, 3-4 days.

Hike the Prom, one of the best loved hikes in Australia. Following the coast, with turquoise blue beaches, ferny glades, huge granite boulders covered in orange lichens on your way to the southernmost point of the Australian Mainland.  With 53km of good track hiking, this walk has a lot to offer. The campsites are shady, and most are set close to beautiful sandy beaches. For a unique overnight accommodation, spoil yourself at the historic lighthouse which can only be reached by foot. Enjoy the wildlife as you will see wombats, wallabies, possums and a mix of interesting reptiles.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


New Zealand, 61 km, Alpine, 4 Days

This is a beautiful valley walk, with a subalpine pass, in superb surroundings along crystal creeks with a backdrop of rocky mountains.
The Caples and Greenstone Valleys are linked by McKellar Saddle, a sub-alpine pass, to make a moderately demanding, 4 day loop tramp with some days averaging 6-7 hours of walking. A reasonable degree of fitness is required. This loop is 61 km with a possible addition of the Routeburn Track.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


New Zealand, 32 km, Alpine, 2-3 Days

The Routeburn is a fantastically scenic hike with alpine and lake views, alpine gardens full of delicate alpine plants, tussock meadows and spectacular vistas over the mountain ranges and valleys. There are many waterfalls including the impressive Earland Falls (174 metres),  Routeburn Falls cascade and the beautiful Bridal Veil Waterfall. You can connect the Routeburn to the Greenstone Caples Track and enjoy 95km of wonderful alpine hiking.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


New Zealand, 60 km, Alpine, 4 Days

The Kepler track is, quite simply, spectacular! Walk along high ridges, covered in tussock grass, and see the planes taking joy flights in the valleys below.

The alpine views across Lake Te Anau to the Murchison Ranges are as stunning as they are expansive.

As you hike through the the ancient, thick, moss covered, Southern Beech forests that flank the high ridges you might expect characters from Lord of the Rings to suddenly start rushing along the path in front of you! The lakes are beautiful and the crystal water of the Waiau River lead to the swing bridge at Rainbow Reach. All of the huts have wonderful views and are a great spots to chat to other trampers.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


New Zealand, 53 km, Alpine, 4 Days

The 53.5 km hike starts at Glade Wharf at the head of Lake Te Anau and finishes in Milford Sound at Sandfly Point. Trampers require boat transport to the start of the track from Te Anau Downs to Glade House and at the other end they must take a boat from Sandfly Point to Milford Sound.

The walk itself is well known for being spectacular and traverses rainforests, wetlands, and the alpine MacKinnons pass which sits stride valleys carved by glaciers and exceptional views of Lake Mintaro and the Clinton Canyon along the way. Sutherland falls are well worth the side trip with water thundering over the 580m drop. The final boat trip gives you views of the world famous Milford Sound.

US$4.99 / AU$7.99


Australia, 160 km (100 miles), Hilly/Rocky, 10-12 Days

The Grampians Peaks Trail is a new trail highlighting the best the Grampians Range has to offer. Known as Gariwerd by local indigenous people.

Starting at the Northern edge of the range at Mt Zero, the trail passes through the tourist town of Halls Gap and on to the southern town of Dunkeld.

The trail has been well designed, taking advantage of clifftops and mountain peaks to get the best views across the mountain ranges and the wide open plains and valleys surrounding the Grampian Range.

The track is well formed for most of the trail passing through the dry rocky forest with the occasional rock scramble.

Admire the colourful rock cliff faces in an area that was home to the local Djab Wurrung and Jardwardjali people for over 20,000 years.

Grampians Peaks Walking Company offer supported hikes or transport and food drops along the length of the trail.

US$11.99 / AU$18.99


About our partner

Rob and Angela Mosley created Activewayz to provide hikers and cyclists with the local knowledge, easy access and confidence to hike and bike the fabulous trails within Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been very excited to work with Atlas Guides since 2016 and we are creating amazing long-distance rides around Australia and mapping rail trails and cycle paths. Our unique Cycling Networks show rideable back country roads with cyclist relevant information to suit different riding styles. This allows the cyclist to build their own route on riding styles they prefer. Hiking in Australia and New Zealand is varied and our focus is to provide an opportunity for bushwalkers to find our fantastic walks and long distance trails easily and to hike them with knowledge of the conditions and supports available. We love hiking and biking in Australia and tramping in New Zealand and hope you do too.

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