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Enjoy this fully functioning, free sample of our City to City – Brisbane to Sydney ride. 90km One Way

Follow the gold diggers to the Golden Dog of timber town Glenreagh set amongst sandstone cliffs. Admire the magnificent rainforest trees and vines trees. Roll down past blueberries and bananas and avocado trees to hit the spectacular coast of Coffs Harbour where the Great Divide meets the Pacific Ocean.

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1180km One Way, Medium, Flat/Hilly, Unsealed/sealed.

Ride from Brisbane Airport to the Sydney Opera House via beautiful, deserted beaches, pristine lakes, rainforests, cattle country, big rivers, huge views, ferries and holiday villages full of fun stuff. This ride suits winter as the weather is clear and the beaches are largely empty

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1520km One Way, Easy to Hard, Flat to Mountainous, Sealed/Unsealed.

What a varied ride and all away from the traffic! You will explore stunning beaches, rolling countryside, high plains, historical country towns and spectacular temperate rain forests. Get up close to Australian native animals, reptiles and birds. Enjoy the fresh air, great food and clear skies. This ride has some challenging sectors and you will need to plan using the information given in the app. Best in Spring and Autumn – not too hot nor too cold.

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1144 km Loop, Hilly/Mountainous, Hard/Remote, Unsealed/Sealed Roads

What a ride! Cycle around the whole of Tasmania. Enjoy the contrast between West and East Coasts. The Tasmanian Circuit gives you the complete Tassie experience of the wildlife, fabulous foods, amazing scenery with spectacular views, ancient forests and wild coastlines. It is an adventure through historic streetscapes, heritage estates, rich farmland, premier cool-climate wines, fresh produce and is a haven for designers and craft makers.

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1120 km One Way, Easy/Medium, Quiet Roads, Sealed/Unsealed

Cycle from Adelaide to Melbourne on this wonderful route with a taste of the outback. Enjoy the historic ports, a cycle through the wineries, a trip across the Mallee through real Australian outback Mallee towns and love the ancient hills of Gariwerd (The Grampians).

The painted silos along the way loom out of the flat landscape and are a joy to see. Finish through the Brisbane Ranges National Park at the satellite township of Bacchus Marsh and train into Melbourne to avoid the traffic.

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1063 km One Way, Easy/Medium, Flat, Mostly quiet roads. (Busy in summer) Sealed/Unsealed

Cycle from Adelaide to Melbourne and enjoy the historic ports, a cycle through the wineries and the Great Ocean Road with its stunning sea views.

As our UK rider Josiah says, “Occasionally somewhere comes so highly recommended that you just can’t miss it. The Great Ocean Road felt like it was built specifically to show of Victoria’s beautiful coastline to cyclists.

Included in purchase of Adelaide to Melbourne Taste of the Outback


2240km, Mostly Flat, Hilly in Flinders Ranges, sealed/unsealed

The open desert of the outback has a unique beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Cycling here is a real challenge and will test your resilience. You will need to be experienced to tackle this fabulous route. The Mawson Trail showcases everything the region North of Adelaide has to offer. As you head north your fellow tourists will slowly change from civilised tourists enjoying the finer things in life to the hardy, dusty travellers of the outback

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1148 km, Loop, Flat, HARD, REMOTE, Sealed/Unsealed
(690 km One Way)

This ride takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery the Red Centre offers. The West MacDonnells, painted the typically rich-red of Central Australia rise on both sides of the road, with many stunning red rock gorges that puncture the valley walls.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) is THE icon of the Outback. It rises incongruously out of the desert plains and it will feel like you will never reach it because you can see it from so far away. The effort to get there, the days of anticipation, offers a sensation incomparable to arriving by car. Side trips to Kings Canyon and The Olgas are included.

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


1623 km, One Way, Flat, HARD, REMOTE, Sealed/Unsealed

This cycle journey takes you across the middle of Outback Australia between the Red Centre to Darwin. It is a best described by Josiah, “The Australian Outback holds notoriety as a barren and hostile place. This reputation is almost completely spot on. The earth painted rust-red, the giant termite mounds which pierce up through the ground (some dressed in clothes) and the colossal road trains which shake the world as they thunder past. I had worried about this initial fervour wearing off, but perhaps surprisingly, I never grew tired of the outback.

Devil’s Marbles sit on the landscape as if they have been dropped from the sky. Marvel at the gorges and the rock art in Nitmiluk NP. The journey to Litchfield NP has crystal clear waterholes beneath the magnificent spring-fed waterfalls of Florence and Wangi.

US$12.99 / AU$19.99


About our partner

Rob and Angela Mosley created Activewayz to provide hikers and cyclists with the local knowledge, easy access and confidence to hike and bike the fabulous trails within Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been very excited to work with FarOut since 2016 and we are creating amazing long-distance rides around Australia and mapping rail trails and cycle paths. Our unique Cycling Networks show rideable back country roads with cyclist relevant information to suit different riding styles. This allows the cyclist to build their own route on riding stylesthey prefer. Hiking in Australia and New Zealand is varied and our focus is to provide an opportunity for bushwalkers to find our fantastic walks and long distance trails easily and to hike them with knowledge of the conditions and supports available. We love hiking and biking in Australia and tramping in New Zealand and hope you do too.

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