What is the Best Lighter for Your Thru-Hike?

We tested three of the most popular disposable lighters based on cost, weight, packed dimensions, and number of lights. Find out which one was rated the best.

You’re going on an epic 6-month hike and have decided to carry a lighter to light your stove. What lighter should you choose?

We compared a BIC full-sized lighter, a BIC Mini lighter, and a Clipper Mini lighter. The BIC Mini lighter was the clear winner for a United States-based hike, because it was the lightest, most affordable, most compact, and widely available. The Clipper Mini came in second because of the higher cost, heavier weight, slightly larger dimensions, and lack of availability in the United States. But if you are hiking in Europe, the Clipper Mini is a great choice.

Chart of the Bic Mini, Clipper Mini and full sized Bic Lighter.
Bic Mini, Clipper Mini and full sized Bic Lighter