Bikepacking 101: How to Plan a Day Ride

There are few things to consider when you plan a day ride.

How to Plan a Day Ride

  1. Choose a day ride that is a loop or that has transportation that can take your bike so you can get home again. Bikes are not allowed on all public transportation, so research ahead of time.
  2. Use your FarOut app for distance, elevations, surface type, and places to stop along the way. We even include waypoints for parks if you are taking your kids along for the ride.
  3. Check the weather ahead of time. In hot weather remember to bring a water bottle (or two) with you. In cold weather take warm layers and a wind proof jacket.
  4. Check out the wind direction. Ride with the wind at your back whenever you can. If possible, choose your loop to ride uphill with a tail wind and downhill with a head wind.
  5. Take lots of snacks. Bananas, granola bars, nuts, fruit, or whatever takes your fancy.
  6. Remember your helmet and a bright shirt. Take bike gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  7. Plan to take a pannier or bike bag. I like a handlebar bag with a rear pannier if I need to bring my wet weather gear along. Personally, I don’t like to ride with a backpack as I like the weight to be on the wheels and not on me!

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View on a day ride
Enjoying a spectacular view on a day ride