Bikepacking 101: My Tool Kit and Spares List

It’s important to always carry a tool kit and spares while traveling by bike especially for long distances.  Here are some of the tools and recommendations for your next bikepacking trip:

Tool Kit and Spares

– Allen keys – One of every size required or a multi tool

– Tire Levers – To get the tire off 

Pliers – You always need two pairs of small pliers and a small shifter

– Must Have Spares – Tire, Tube, Oil, Light battery, Brake pads, Pump

– Back Country Extra Spares – Brake and Gear Cables, Spoke/s, Chain Breaker, Tire

– Patch kit – Even if you plan to swap to a new tube in the event of a flat tire, take a patch kit. It’s easy to have more than one flat.

– Pump and pressure gauge – To pump up the tire and check the pressure. Always start the day by checking your tire pressure and keep it within the suggested range. This helps prevent flats. If your chain is dirty, clean with water and then oil immediately once the chain has dried a little.

– Make sure you have some wire – Just thin wire for holding stuff together. Also some cable ties. It’s funny but we use these often.  Like the time our pannier racks failed in central Brazil…

– Patience and Calmness – Everything can be fixed on your bike. Usually you can work it out. If not, someone will know how or give you a lift.

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Bike Tool Kit displayed