Bikepacking 101: What should I know about my bike?

Before heading out on a long bikepacking trip, we recommend you take a bike maintenance course at your local bike shop or ask a knowledgeable friend to help you out.


Here are some of our top tips:

  • Know how to put your chain back on. They fall off for all sorts of reasons – but mostly due to transport and crunchy gear changes. It’s easy to fix, if you know how to properly do it.
  • Know how to change your tire. This is important as a flat tire will stop you very quickly and you will have to walk if you don’t know how to change your tube. If you have hydraulic brakes make sure you don’t activate them once your wheel is off the bike. They can’t be easily reset. There are special spacers to prevent this. Ask your bike shop.
  • Oil your bike daily. Especially if you are riding on dirt or it rains. If your chain is dirty, clean with water and then oil.
  • Know how to set up and adjust your seat. Your seat is where your weight rests. If it is knocked out of line you will want to fix it.
  • Know how to tighten your bike. Most things can be prevented if the bike does not rattle loose. Especially attend to tightening when riding on rougher roads, washboards (or corrugations). We check and tighten daily when on the rough.
  • If you are going somewhere remote where help is limited, know how to change your brake and gear cables, fix a broken chain, and change a spoke. Get your bike checked out before you leave for your trip to minimize the risk.
two bikepackers bikes resting during the sunset