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Segment 1 of The Colorado Trail, 16.8 miles.

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Purchase of The Colorado Trail includes: (1) The Colorado Trail hiking route (485 miles), (2) the Collegiate Loop (161 miles), (3) the Collegiate West Alternate (83 miles), and (4) The Colorado Trail biking route (540 miles).



The Collegiate Loop is a 161-mile loop trail composed of the 83-mile Collegiate West Alternate and a 78-mile portion of The Colorado Trail from Twin Lakes (Segment K) to its intersection with the Continental Divide Trail/Collegiate West Alternate about 9 trail-miles south of Highway 50 (Segment O).

Included with purchase of The Colorado Trail. Doo not purchase separately if you intend to purchase The Colorado Trail!

$4.99 individually


About our partner

The Colorado Trail Foundation

The Colorado Trail Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to keep The Colorado Trail in good condition. The CTF organizes the volunteers who built The Colorado Trail, as well as those who continue to improve and maintain it.

The Colorado Trail Foundation works with Atlas Guides to create, improve, and update the official Colorado Trail hiking app.

Learn more about The CTF