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This demo section of the Croatian Long Distance Trail starts at the western-most point in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea in Basanija. It then heads south along the sea for 20 km to Karigador.

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Entire 2140-km/1330-mile Croatian Long Distance Trail. Purchase the thru-hiker special and save 30% over buying Sections A, B, and C separately.



Section A of the Croatian Long Distance Trail is 572km / 355 miles. This section is a diverse portion of CLDT. Starting from the Danube River in eastern Croation, you will experience plains, forests, mountains and hills as you head northwest to Marof on the Mur River.



Section B of the Croatian Long Distance Trail is 576 km / 358 miles. It heads southwest from the Mur River in Marof to the westernmost point of Istria Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, passing northwest of the capital city of Zagreb along the way.



Section C of the Croatian Long Distance Trail is the longest section, at 992 km / 616 miles. It begins at the western-most point of Croatia on the Istria Peninsula, on the Adriatic Sea in Basanjia, and heads southeast parallel to the coast, crossing over to the Peljesac peninsula, and ending at the southern-most point of Croatia at the Prevlaka peninsula on the Adriatic Sea.



About our partner

Croatian Long Distance Trail Association

The Croatian Long Distance Trail Association is a non-profit organization that helps manage the CLDT. The CLDT is a national scenic long distance trail meant to be thru-hiked or hiked in sections throughout Croatia. The Association is a dedicated group of individuals committed to building, maintaining, and promoting recreation on the CLDT.

The Croatian Long Distance Trail Association is working to create, build, and mark the 2140-km CLDT. The Association is tied together with a common string – love towards mountains, nature, hiking, and protection of the outdoors – and putting its efforts toward an uninterrupted mountain-hiking trail across Croatia.

Learn more about the CLDTA