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This is the best value. Save 33% off our Arkansas hiking trails with the Arkansas Hiker Special! Includes: Ouachita Trail, Ozark Highlands Trail, Buffalo River Trail and Eagle Rock Loop.



Download our guide to access the Eagle Rock Loop Trail map, tracks, waypoints, and comments! Climb though the rugged hardwood and pine forests of the Ouachita Mountains on the The Eagle Rock Loop. This trail travels through the Ouachita National Forest via the Little Missouri Trail, the Viles Branch Horse Trail, and the Athens-Big Fork Trail, along a 100 year-old postal route and many old wagon roads. This trail is the longest loop trail in Arkansas. As a result it is among the most difficult yet popular routes in Arkansas. Considered by many to be the best hike in the Ouachita Mountains.

The trail provides a great bike route, this trail also offers rugged climbs though hardwood and pine forests. There are numerous beautiful stream crossings, and a variety of stunning mountain peaks. The trail crosses over nine mountains. Hikers and bikers on the loop trail can choose from five trailheads, which means there are many ways to hike this trail.


Explore the Eagle Rock Loop Trail Today!

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