How to Patch a Hole on Your Jacket or Tent

Making a Repair

Fixing a tear in a jacket,  tent or pack is easy with repair tape and scissors.

1. Before making a repair, make sure the area round the tear is clean and dry.

A black puffy jacket sleeve with a hole in it

2. Cut a circular patch that is about 1/2 inch wider than the cut.

Cut Patch

3. Bring the tear edges together, remove the paper backing, and apply the patch.

circular patch

4. Rub all the tape edges down to form a strong bond between the tape and the fabric.

tape edges

5. Admire your repair!

admire repari


Repair tape is affordable and lightweight. A roll of repair tape will cost less than $10 (about $0.10 a square inch) and you can buy various colors that match your fabric. I recommend carrying at least one 3 inch by 3 inch patch that can be shaped later for the specific repair.


The ripstop repair tape we used weighed about 0.2 grams per square inch. Therefore a small emergency repair patch will not weigh you down.

weight of tape