How To Make Waterproof Matches

It’s super easy and fun to make waterproof matches. All you need is a candle and a match. Here’s how to make them in two easy steps:

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a tealight candle burning

1. Ignite your candle

Light any candle to form a small pool of hot wax. Because unscented tealight candles are affordable and easy to find they are recommended. Scented candles should be avoided because they could attract animals.

This image shows an unscented tealight candle that costs about $0.20 when purchased in bulk. A single tealight candle can result in hundreds of wax coated matches. Therefore you don’t need that many candles.

adding match to hot candle wax to prepare a waterproof match

2. Dip the match into the hot wax

Carefully dip just the match tip into the hot wax and rotate. As a result just the match tip will be coated. Keep the match tip away from the flame to avoid an accidental ignition.  Carefully remove the match tip from the hot wax. The match tip should have a nice thin and clear coat of wax covering the entire match tip. As a result of the wax coating the match is now waterproof.

a wax covered waterproof match next to a normal match

3. And you are done making a waterproof match!

This photo shows a wax coated match (top) and an uncoated match (bottom). The wax should be evenly coated over the match tip and not show big clumps of wax.

If you didn’t coat the entire match tip you can remove the wax and restart the process.

Because of the thin coat of wax the match is now 100% waterproof.

using a thumbnail to remove wax from a waterproof match

**JUST REMEMBER:  Remove the protective wax before ignition

Before striking the match you should remove all the wax from the match tip. As a result of removing the wax, the match will be a lot easier to ignite.

You can use your fingernail to remove all the wax. If you fail to remove all the wax, the match striker will get coated with wax and as a result the match striker will become less effective.

Remember to pack a spare match striker with your newly prepared waterproof matches. For instance, it will be extremely difficult to ignite the matches without a dry striker.

** Always follow normal safety procedures when using a candle and matches.