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Download our guide to access the Mid State Trail (MST) map, tracks, waypoints, and comments! Pennsylvania’s MST is a hike of almost 330 miles (530 km). The trail offers dramatic views, rocky ridgelines, high plateaus, rolling hills, and a variety of other spectacular natural features. The trail crosses the entire state of Pennsylvania. This is from the border with New York in the north, to the border with Maryland in the south. The trail traverses many unique natural areas. This includes the Allegheny Mountains and the Northern Tier, a region of the trail shaped by the retreat of ancient glaciers. The trail provides a sense of isolation and remoteness.

Initial trail clearing began in 1969 under the auspices of Penn State Outing Club. The MST Association is an organization of trail overseers and others formed in 1982. It is dedicated to the completion, maintenance, and preservation of the MST System.



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Mid State Trail Association

The MST was created to foster natural, spiritual experiences, so that all may enjoy a greater respect for nature. Therefore, protect nature for future generations to experience. The MST Association seeks out remote, quiet natural corridors for placing the MST. The MST Association constructs and maintains the footpaths. It also works to protect the quiet, wild and scenic, natural and cultural resources of the corridor through which the trail passes.

FarOut has partnered with the Mid State Trail Association to create, improve, and update the official Mid State Trail app.

Learn more about the MSTA