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FarOut brings you this comprehensive hiking guide to Shenandoah National Park. The park is in Virginia about 75 miles southwest of Washington D.C. Because of the close location to the city it makes a great escape.

You can enjoy spectacular views, quiet wooded hikes, historic sites, and many areas to picnic. Visitors can enjoy the protected 200,000 acres of land where 40% (79,579 acres) of the park is designated as wilderness area. The government has designated wilderness areas the highest form of protection of any federal wildland. Because of this, the wildlife in these areas live more of a natural life. As a result you are prohibited from using motorized vehicles and even bikes in these designated wilderness areas. Hence you can explore these wilderness area without the worry of being disturbed by the sound of machinery. However, if you don’t have the time to hike you can drive the 105 mile long Skyline Drive that stretches from the north to south side of the park.

The comprehensive FarOut Shenandoah National Park guide includes 550 miles of walking paths. It also includes all information your need like parking, restrooms, picnic areas and more. Escape the city and recharge today.