Thru-Hiking 101: 4 Popular Fuel Canisters Compared

We analyzed the differences between 4 of the most popular fuel canisters. We looked at the MSR IsoPro, Snow Peak Giga Power, OLicamp and the Jetboil Jetpower fuel canisters to see which performed the best.

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We analyzed four different brands of canister fuel. We looked at the  MSR IsoPro, Snow Peak Giga Power, OLicamp Rocket Fuel and the Jet Boil JetPower fuel canisters. For the analysis I used full canisters. These canisters contained 220 to 230 grams of fuel. Each test was conducted using a new Soto Amicus stove.

Fuel Canisters

For this test I heated 2 cups of room temperature water (72° F) to a boil (elevation of 5280 feet) using the maximum heat setting. I repeated this process three times for each brand of fuel and then averaged the values.

amicus stove

All the canisters tested boiled water in about 1 minute and 50 seconds (110 seconds) with an average consumption of 8 grams of fuel per boil. The MSR IsoPro brand performed on average one second better but the difference was not significant (<1%). 

Fuel Canister Boil Times

I believe the biggest decision in selecting a canister is determining the size not brand. The smaller fuel canisters (100 to 110-gram fuel weight) have a weight savings of around 170 grams (6 ounces) over the medium sized fuel canisters (220 to 230-gram fuel weight). But these smaller fuel canisters are almost double the cost per gram. If money isn’t a concern, then I would recommend the smaller lighter weight canisters. For the cost sensitive hiker, the medium sized canister provides a lot of value without adding too much weight. 

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Fuel Canisters


MSR IsoPro, Snow Peak Giga Power, OLicamp Rocket Fuel and the Jetboil Jetpower fuel performed about the same.

Fuel Canisters