Meet our Photographers

Tommy Corey aka “Twerk”

Tommy Corey, otherwise known as “Twerk”, is a full-time photographer and filmmaker living in Denver, CO. Originally from Northern California, Tommy spent a lot of his childhood camping, fishing and hiking with his Dad and two brothers in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Being immersed in nature at an early age, he found himself thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, thus creating an editorial photo project called ‘Hiker Trash Vogue’. This project launched his career in outdoor photography. In 2021 Tommy created a video series that explores the very poignant and unique stories that exist within the outdoor community. Through this, he strives to bring equity and inclusivity to humans of all walks of life who just want to be in and belong in nature.

Meet the FarOut Team

Tommy Corey posing in a picture.

Work from Twerk

11 hikers stacked in a shelter. Photograph by Tommy Corey.
A hiker posing in a meadow. Photograph by Tommy Corey.
7 hikers posing at the northern Pacific Crest Trail monument.
Hiker posing for a picture in the outdoors.
Two female hikers posing for a picture in the wilderness.
A hiker jumping in a mountain lake. Photograph taken by Tommy Corey.
10 hikers posing for a picture in the outdoors.
A woman holding up a paddle in a river.
A woman posing for a picture in the outdoors.

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