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This bundle includes all of our guide sections for the White Mountain National Forest, home of New Hampshire’s highest peaks. Mount Washington and the Presidential Range are some of the most rugged and impressive peaks on the east coast, and have been a mecca for outdoor recreation for generations.

In the White Mountains, you will find New Hampshire’s 48 Four-Thousand Footers, over a thousand miles of hiking trails, and endless possibilities for hiking adventures.



One of the quietest parts of the White Mountains, the Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness and its surroundings east of Route 113 are almost entirely within the state of Maine, and top out at around 2900 feet in elevation. But the size of the hills here belie the beautiful scenery and lovely views from the wilderness area’s namesake mountains, as well as Blueberry Ledge, Deer Hill, and Albany Mountain.

Also home to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Cold River Camp, this is a great area for lighter day-hikes and escapes from the more crowded high peaks of the Whites.



The northernmost region of the White Mountains includes the Kilkenny Ridge Trail and all trails that link to it, with access to Mounts Cabot and Waumbek. This region of the Whites is the most remote due to its long distance from major population centers, and is a fine place to find solitude on a long hike. There are a total of about 40 miles of trail in this guide.

NH 4000 Footers:
•Mount Cabot
•Mount Waumbek

Backcountry Campsites:
•Unknown Pond Campsite
•Rogers Ledge Campsite
•Cabot Cabin



The Western region of the White Mountains includes all major trails west of Interstate 93 and east of Route 25. 4000-Footers Mt Moosilauke, South Kinsman, North Kinsman, and Cannon are highlights, along with Lonesome Lake Hut and the Kinsman Ridge traverse. Also of note are the trails in the Three Ponds area, and several short trails to less-traveled peaks like Rattlesnake Mountain, Stinson Mountain, and Blueberry Mountain. In all, there are about 130 miles of hiking trails in this guide.

AMC Huts:
•Lonesome Lake Hut

NH 4000 Footers:
•Mount Moosilauke
•South Kinsman Mountain
•North Kinsman Mountain
•Cannon Mountain

Backcountry Campsites:
•Eliza Brook Shelter
•Kinsman Pond Shelter
•Three Ponds Shelter
•Beaver Brook Shelter
•Jeffers Brook Shelter
•Coppermine Shelter



The region of the White Mountain National Forest surrounding the Pemigewasset Wilderness includes twenty of New Hampshire’s 4000 Footers (Franconia Ridge, Twins, Bonds, Carrigain, Hancocks, Zealand, Willey Range, and Garfield), as well as several popular campsites, waterfalls, and high mountain ponds.

This section includes all major trails bounded by Route 3, Route 302, the Kancamagus Highway, and Bear Notch Road— a total of nearly 200 miles of trail.

AMC Huts:
•Greenleaf Hut
•Galehead Hut
•Zealand Falls Hut

NH 4000 Footers:
•Mt. Flume
•Mount Liberty
•Mount Lincoln
•Mt. Lafayette
•Mount Garfield
•Galehead Mountain
•South Twin Mountain
•North Twin Mountain
•Mount Bond
•West Bond Mountain
•Zealand Mountain
•Mount Hale
•Mount Tom
•Mt. Field
•Mt. Willey
•Mount Carrigain
•Mount Hancock
•South Mount Hancock
•Owl’s Head

Backcountry Campsites:
•Liberty Springs Campsite
•Garfield Ridge Shelter
•Thirteen Falls Campsite
•Guyot Shelter
•Ethan Pond Shelter
•Sawyer Pond Shelter
•Franconia Brook Campsite



Mount Washington and the Presidential Range of New Hampshire’s White Mountains are the highest and most daunting mountains of the northeast. The area contains nine of New Hampshire’s 4000-footers, 3 AMC Huts, and around 250 miles of hiking trails.

AMC Huts:
•Mizpah Springs Hut
•Lakes of the Clouds Hut
•Madison Springs Hut

NH 4000 Footers:
•Mount Washington
•Mount Adams
•Mt. Madison
•Mount Jefferson
•Mount Eisenhower
•Mt. Monroe
•Mount Pierce
•Mount Jackson
•Mt. Isolation

Backcountry Campsites:
•Grey Knob Cabin
•Crag Camp
•The Log Cabin
•The Perch
•Hermit Lake Shelters
•Nauman Tentsite
•Dry River Shelter #3
•Rocky Branch Shelter #1
*Mt Langdon Shelter
•Osgood Tentsite
•Valley Way Tentsite



The region of the White Mountain National Forest south of the Kancamagus Highway and generally around the Sandwich Range Wilderness includes seven of New Hampshire’s 4000 Footers (Tecumseh, the Osceolas, the Tripyramids, Whiteface and Passaconaway), as well as one of the highlights of the Whites, Mt Chocorua.

This section includes about 220 miles of trails, bounded by Route 112 (The Kancamagus Highway) to the north, and US Route 3 and Interstate 93 to the west.

NH 4000 Footers:
•Mount Osceola
•East Osceola
•Mount Tecumseh
•North Tripyramid
•Middle Tripyramid
•Mount Passaconaway
•Whiteface Mountain

Backcountry Campsites:
•Flat Mountain Pond Shelter
•Jim Liberty Cabin
•Camp Penacook
•Black Mountain Pond Campsite



The region of the White Mountain National Forest surrounding the Wild River Wilderness includes six of New Hampshire’s 4000 Footers (the Wildcat Range and the Carter-Moriah Range), as well as the popular Baldface Range, Kearsarge North, and many fine campgrounds and backpacking trails.

This section includes about 150 miles of trails, bounded by US Route 2 to the north, Routes 16 and 113 to the west and east, and the town of North Conway to the south.

AMC Huts:
•Carter Notch Hut

NH 4000 Footers:
•Wildcat Mountain
•Wildcat D Peak
•Carter Dome
•South Carter Mountain
•Middle Carter Mountain
•Mount Moriah

Backcountry Campsites:
•Rattle River Shelter
•Imp Shelter
•Baldface Shelter
•Blue Brook Campsite
•Spruce Brook Campsite
•Perkins Notch Campsite
•Black Mountain Cabin
•Doublehead Cabin
•Mountain Pond Shelter