Why You May Want to Paint Your Tent Stakes

If you have tent stakes that are silver and are not colored at the top, they will be hard to see when you put them in the ground. You can easily solve this problem by painting the tops of the tent stakes a bright, visible color!

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A hand spraying tent stakes over a pice of cardboard with spray paint

Set up a protected spray paint area

It’s important to protect against paint overspray. A little bit of planning can eliminate a painting disaster. Making your own spray booth out of a large cardboard box is a great way to protect from paint overspray and help you from making a mess. You can turn the large cardboard box on the side and place the tent stakes inside before spraying.

A hand spraying tent stakes over a pice of cardboard with spray paint

Spray the top of the stakes

Spray the tops of the stakes so they are more bright and visible. (We chose red since it’s much easier to see.) Allow the the paint to dry before rotating the stakes and painting the other side. Painting the bottom of the stakes will not be useful because the paint will quickly wear off when you stick them in the ground. Try to avoid painting the bottom of the stakes.

spray painted tent stakes next to non sprayed tent stakes in the ground

And you’re done!

As you can see, the red painted stakes are a lot easier to see than the silver stakes. Both photos illustrate this point. By painting your stakes you will be able to find your stakes with ease, reduce the chances of you tripping over them at night, and be less likely to lose or leave them behind!