Will a Clipper Mini Lighter Last for Your Entire Thru-Hike?

The Clipper Mini lighter is a compact, refillable lighter popular in Europe and the UK. We ran some tests to see how long the lighter would last.

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The Clipper Mini lighter is a compact lighter (2 ½ inches long and ⅞ inches wide and about ½ inch thick) just slightly larger than the BIC Mini lighter. It has an advantage over other disposable lighters because you can refill the lighter with butane fuel and even replace the flint. However, the lighter is difficult to find in stores in the United States. But it is available online. Based upon my experiments, I conclude that the Clipper Mini can easily last an entire six-month hike. 

Weight Full: 13.9 grams (0.49 ounces)
Weight Empty: 11.1 grams (0.39 ounces)
Total Fuel Weight: 2.8 grams (0.10 ounces)
Estimated Number of Lights: 3,300
Typical Cost: $3
Clipper Mini

How long will the Clipper Mini last?

The lighter can provide more than 3,000 lights but it really depends on the burn-time of the flame. If you only us it to light a stove — a ¾-second flame, which burns about 0.001 grams of fuel — you  should get about 3,300 lights. However, if you are lighting a campfire, you will probably need at least a 3-second flame, which burns about 0.003 grams of fuel. In this case you will get about 830 lights. In either case the Clipper Mini lighter should easily last a 6-month hike. From our tests the Clipper Mini can produce a flame for about 40 minutes and burns fuel at a rate of about 0.0011 grams per second. But you should not light a Clipper Mini for more than 30 seconds.

Clipper Mini Flame Duration

Clipper Mini lighter bonus features

The Clipper Mini is not your normal disposable lighter. You can actually refill the Clipper Mini with butane and replace the flints! Below you can see a picture of the lighter disassembled. 

If you plan on refilling the Clipper Mini with butane, make sure the butane refill tip is the correct size. Standard Zippo butane refill tips are not compatible with the Clipper Mini.

Clipper Mini Lighter Parts

How to Estimate Remaining Fuel

Shine a bright light on the edge of the lighter to illuminate the fuel inside the lighter. Illuminating the lighter in a dark area can make it easier to see the fuel level. It can be difficult to see the fuel level on dark-colored lighters.

Clipper Mini Fuel Level