How to Safely Poop Anywhere

By: Paul Bodnar

You know that feeling when you have to go, but can’t find a good place to drop a load off? Using a Waste Alleviation and Gelling (WAG) bag is the perfect solution!

When you gotta go #2 and digging a six inch cat hole isn’t an option, try using a WAG bag.

The average human produces about a pound of poop per day and it can take about a year to fully biodegrade. Human waste can also contaminate water sources and cause environmental harm in fragile environments. In high sensitive wilderness areas, it’s important to carry out your poop, which is easy to do when using a WAG bag.

RESTOP2 Toilet-To-Go

Toilet Paper: 9 grams

Hand Sanitation Wipe: 3 grams

Polymer and enzyme gel: 24 grams

Sealable bag: 44 grams 

Total Weight without the waste: 80 grams (2.8 ounces)

Restop 2 Wag Bag

WAG bags or Waste Alleviation and Gelling bags operate by using a waste activated gel inside.

The gel powder helps neutralize the odor and solidify the human waste for easy transport and safe disposal.

Everything you need is in the WAG Bag

The WAG bag contains just enough toilet paper and a hand sanitation wipe- everything you need to carry out your business.


  1. Open bag by tearing along perforation line.
  2. Unfold the bag and remove the included toilet paper and sanitation wipe.
  3. Set the bag on level ground.
  4. After use, remember to place used toilet paper and the sanitation wipe in the bag.
  5. Lift the bag so the waste falls to the bottom of the bag into the gel.
  6. Close the bag using the draw straps.
  7. Tuck liner inside foil bag and firmly seal the zip-top.
  8. For added protection, place the sealed WAG bag in a trash bag and seal shut.
  9. Dispose of used bag in any trash receptacle.


If it doesn’t look like enough toilet paper for you, then you will want to bring some extra!

Wag Bag Contents

Open the WAG bag and place on level ground.

Create a large target to hit. Remember to throw the used toilet paper and used hand sanitation wipe into the waste bag.

Wag Bag Open

Lift bag and pull on draw strings.

Carefully lift the bag to allow waste to drop to the bottom. It is important that the waste comes in contact with the gel at the bottom of the bag. Pull draw strings tight without capturing a lot of air in the bag. Seal the bag by tying a knot in the bag.

Wag Bag Closed

Tuck the liner inside the foil bag.

Tuck the liner inside the foil bag. The inner bag is easy to puncture so be careful.

Wag Bag Sealed Shut

Firmly seal the zip-top.

It is very important to firmly seal the zip-top without capturing a lot of air in the bag. For added security you can place the sealed WAG bag inside another plastic trash bag (not includuded).

Wag Bag Sealed Shut


In most hiking situations you do not need to carry a WAG bag. However, some wilderness areas are so sensitive they will require you to carry out all of your poop. For example, the Mt. Whitney Trail. A WAG bag makes this easy and helps protect the fragile environment you visit.

WAG bags contain chemical crystals that gel with the human waste and render the waste inert over time. This allows for safe disposal of the waste in a trash can. Never throw WAG bags away in a pit toilet.

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