How to Use a Portable Backcountry Bidet

Sadly, not everyone understands the leave no trace principles and are leaving a negative impact. In some areas toilet paper litters the landscape, the backcountry bidet can help alleviate this problem.

Best Water Bottles

Bidet being measured in weight

CuloClean Bidet

Weight:  0.4 ounces (11.9 grams)

Height: 1.42 inches

Smallest Width without O-Ring:  0.78 inches

Smallest Width with O-Ring: 0.86 inches

Largest Width with O-Ring: 0.99 inches

Retail Cost: $9.99

the portable bidet sitting on a desk next to its packaging
Hand pushing portable bidet into water bottle

1. Attach the bidet to a water bottle

Attach the bidet to a full water bottle. The illustrated bidet fits most bottles that have an internal diameter of around 0.8 to 0.95 inches. A Smartwater bottle with an internal diameter of 0.85 inches was used in this demonstration. The Smartwater bottle sealed using the first two smaller diameter O-rings. Larger diameter water bottles will require the bidet to be fully pushed in and use the two larger diameter O-rings.

hand squeezing portable bidet from water bottle

2. Place the bidet where desired and squeeze

Place the bidet where desired and then squeeze the bottle accordingly. Squeezing the water bottle harder will provide more water pressure. A full water bottle will provide the best results.


No need to use toilet paper

Less skin irritation than toilet paper

Cleaner feel

Carry out less or no used toilet paper



Requires learning to use properly (practice at home to optimize the best sanitation practices)

Cost and weight of the portable bidet

Needs water to operate


If you plan on venturing out into the wilderness it is important to be ready for the expected. If you don’t plan on carrying a bidet plan on packing out your toilet paper. Most hikers carry the used toilet paper in a multiple sealable bags and dispose of the toilet paper in town. In some areas you are required to carry out your waste. Never leave toilet paper in the wilderness where animals can dig it up.