New FarOut Feature Provides Water Status at a Glance

FarOut Water Status scale - 1.0
FarOut Water Status scale - 2.0
FarOut Water Status scale - 3.0

Planning a thru-hike or multi-day backpacking/bikepacking adventure requires good information on water sources. One of the most popular features of FarOut — the ability to post and read other users’ water comments — now has an exciting new update. FarOut’s new Water Status feature compiles recent water reports from users to help you evaluate water availability at a glance.

What the FarOut Water Status Feature Does:

The Water Status feature uses machine learning to analyze user comments about water sources from the past two weeks. It assigns a 1-3 score for each water comment (1 = dry; 2 = low; 3 = flowing; it ignores irrelevant comments) and averages them to provide a Water Status score. This score serves as an at-a-glance summary when you are scoping out water availability as you head down the trail. While the Water Status score is a handy summary, you can still read all of the recent comments to make your own judgement call.

The more water reports that FarOut users contribute, the more accurate the Water Status will be. If no comments have been posted within two weeks, no status indicator will be shown. Reliable water reports from other FarOut users can be tremendously helpful for your water plan.

Where is it?

If you tap on a water waypoint from the map, list or elevation view in FarOut to see its details, you will find the Water Status scale above the comments.

iOS screenshot of FarOut Water Status

Water Status scale for a water waypoint detail page in iPhone.

Android screenshot of FarOut Water Status

Water Status scale for a water waypoint detail page in Android.

Why Water Status is Useful:

When embarking on a multi-day backpacking trip, knowing where to find water is essential to your success and safety, particularly on notoriously dry trails such as the Arizona Trail and portions of the Continental Divide Trail and Pacific Crest Trail.

The Water Status feature allows hikers and bikers to quickly evaluate the flow of upcoming water sources based on recent observations from other users. This helps inform your schedule, mileage plans, and water carries as you plan a long backpacking or bikepacking adventure.

Make sure you have the latest version of FarOut use this new app feature!

Update FarOut HERE for iPhone/iPad

Update FarOut HERE for Android

Give It a Try on Your Next Trip:

The next time you’re on-trail or planning a backpacking or bikepacking trip, be sure to consult the Water Status feature in FarOut to evaluate water sources. And consider sharing a quick water report from your trip to help other adventurers behind you. This new feature makes water planning simpler for backcountry adventures. Let us know what you think!

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