Sawyer + Backpacking Part 4: Sawyer Mini, Micro and Squeeze Compared

Awhile ago I posted a review of the Sawyer Micro Squeeze and found a few pros and cons compared to the Sawyer Squeeze. Today I am following up with an analysis of flow rate of the Sawyer Mini and comparing the flow rate with with the Micro and Squeeze.

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No company solicited this review, and I purchased all tested items.

I compared the water flow rate through these three Sawyer filters:  Sawyer Squeeze (103 grams), Sawyer Mini (51 grams) and Sawyer Micro (69 grams). All weights were measured after the filters were tested.

Sawyer Squeeze, Sawyer Mini and the Sawyer Micro water filter shown
The Sawyer Squeeze (left), Sawyer Mini  (middle), and Sawyer Micro (right).

Filtration Flow Rate

This bar chart shows the rate of flow through the filters using various containers to squeeze the water through the filter, plus gravity filtration. First, you will notice that the flow rate through the Squeeze (red bar) outperforms the flow rate through the Micro (orange bar) and the Mini (blue bar) using all six containers and gravity filtration.

Next you will notice that the flow rate rate for the Mini is on average 30% less than the flow rate for the Squeeze.  This isn’t surprising because the Mini filter is much smaller than the Squeeze filter.

Chart showing the different flow rates for the Sawyer Squeeze, Mini and Micro water filters


So what did I learn?

  • There is no perfect setup — every pro has its con.
  • Confirmation that water flows faster through the Squeeze than the Micro and Mini using a variety of containers BUT the Squeeze is heavier than the Micro and Mini.
  • The Mini weighs about half as much as the Squeeze but has a flow rate 30% less than the Squeeze.
  • The Mini performed poorly when used for gravity filtration — less than half the flow rate of the Squeeze.
  • It might be tempting to purchase the Mini water filter for your long distance hike because of the weight savings. However, the low flow rate will likely have you replacing the filter the first time you have the chance.