The Best Camping Popcorn Recipe

Freshly popped popcorn can be a great addition to your camping or backpacking trip! It’s super easy to do, and you can even try this recipe for a movie night at home. The ingredients for this popcorn recipe ensure that your popcorn tastes like movie theater popcorn.

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Popcorn cornells, coconut oil, with popcorn flavoring

One Serving Size of Popcorn

  • 34 grams of quality popcorn kernels (about 3 tablespoons)
  • 11 grams of flavored coconut oil (about 2 teaspoons)
  • 0.7 grams of popcorn salt (about 1/4 teaspoon)
  • Makes about 6 cups of delicious popped popcorn


  • About 35 calories per cup of popped popcorn
  • Costs about $0.07 per cup to make
poppcorn cornell

1. Quality Popcorn Kernels

There is a difference in popcorn kernel quality. I recommend high quality popcorn kernels like Orville Redenbacher’s Classic Popcorn Kernels

  • Retail Cost: $6
  • Size: 35 ounces
Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

2. Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

  • Retail Cost: $14
  • Size: 32 ounces

3. Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt

  • Retail Cost: $7
  • Size: 35 ounces

How To Make Popcorn On Your Stove:

Poppcorn oil being added

Step 1

Add the popcorn oil to your pot. There should be enough oil to lightly cover the entire bottom. If the oil is in a solid form, be sure to melt it with low heat so the oil lightly coats the bottom of the pan.

A full one ounce bottle holds enough oil for about three small batches of popcorn.

poppcorn in oil before its popped

Step 2

Add popcorn kernels to form a single layer on the bottom of the pot.

Popcorn Salt being added before its cooked

Step 3

Add popcorn salt to your desired taste. You can add more salt later if you need to spice it up a bit!

Popcorn Secured Lid

Step 4

Secure the pot lid and heat your pot at medium to high heat. As soon as the kernels begin to pop, lightly shake the pan back and forth across the burner to avoid burning the popcorn.

Popcorn Done on top of a stove

Step 5

When the pops slow to about 3 seconds apart, remove your pot from the stove heat. Taste the popcorn and add additional popcorn salt if you want!

popcorn serving

Step 6

Enjoy the popcorn!