30 Trails to Explore in 2024

Ready to go FarOut in 2024? As the new year approaches, check out these 30 outdoor adventures around the world. From a months-long backpacking trip along the Pacific Northwest Trail or a day-hike in San Diego, to exciting whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon to bikepacking in the majesty of Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument, here are some top hiking, biking, whitewater rafting and paddling adventures for the year ahead. Whether you prefer solitary treks through nature to reconnect with yourself or group adventures to meet like-minded explorers, there’s a little something here for everyone.

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1. Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Length:  1,400 miles

Location: North Carolina, USA

Partner: Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail

A map of the Wonderland Trail.

2. Wonderland Trail

Length:  90 miles

Location: Washington State, USA

Partner: Tami Asars, author of Hiking the Wonderland Trail

3. Grand Canyon Whitewater Guide

 Length:  280 miles

Location: Arizona, USA

Partner: GoRafting.com

allegheny trail map

4. Allegheny Trail

Length:  311 miles

Location: West Virginia, USA

Partner: West Virginia Scenic Trails Association

Map of Bigfoot Trail

5. Bigfoot Trail

Length:  360 miles

Location: California, USA

Partner: Bigfoot Trail Alliance

A map of the Colorado Trail Bike Route.

6. The Colorado Trail

Length:  486 miles (hike) / 540. miles (bike)

Location: Colorado, USA

Partner: The Colorado Trail Foundation

A map of the Bibbulmun Track.

7. Bibbulmun Track

Length:  1000 km

Location: Western Australia

Partner: FarOut AUS & NZ (Activewayz)

Illustrated map of the Foothills map

8. Foothills Trail

Length:  76.2 miles

Location: SC & NC, USA

Partner: Foothills Trail Conservancy

A map of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

9. Tahoe Rim Trail

Length:  170 miles

Location: California, USA

Partner: Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Illustrated map of the bears ears loops

10. Bears Ears Loops

Length: 795 miles

Location: UT, USA

Partner: Bikepacking Roots

A map of the Florida Trail.

11. Florida Trail

Length:  1,408 miles

Location: Florida, USA

Partner: Florida Hikes!

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Map

12. Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Length: 740 miles

Location: New England & Quebec

Partner: Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A map of the Arizona Trail.

13. Arizona Trail

Length: 814 miles (hike) / 840 miles (bike)

Location: Arizona, USA

Partner: Arizona Trail Association

14. Czech Trail / Stezka Českem

Length: 1210 miles

Location: Czech Republic

Partner: Stezka Českem

International Appalachian Trail Map - mobile

15. International Appalachian Trail

Length: 1,280 miles

Location: Maine, USA & Canada

Partner: International Appalachian Trail / Sentier International des Appalaches

A map of the Mid State Trail.

16. Mid State Trail

Length: 330 miles

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Partner: Mid State Trail Association

A map of the Ice Age Trail.

17. Ice Age Trail

Length: 1,200 miles

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Partner: Ice Age Trail Alliance

Sheltowee trace map

18. Sheltowee Trace

Length: 343 miles

Location: TN & KY, USA

Partner: Sheltowee Trail Association

A map of the Pacific Northwest Trail.

19. Pacific Northwest Trail

Length: 1,200 miles

Location: MT, ID, & WA, USA

Partner: Pacific Northwest Trail Association

A map of the Tour du Mont Blanc.

20. Tour du Mont Blanc

Length: 105 miles

Location: European Alps

Partner: Trailblazer Guides

A map of the Buckeye Trail.

21. Buckeye Trail

Length: 1,437 miles

Location: Ohio, USA

Partner: Buckeye Trail Association

A map of the Great Divide Trail.

22. Great Divide Trail

Length: 680 miles

Location: AB & BC, Canada

Partner: Great Divide Trail Association

Map of 101 Hikes in Southern California

23. 101 Hikes in Southern California

Length: 700+ miles

Location: California, USA

Partner: Wilderness Press (AdventureKeen)

Map of the New England Trail NET

24. New England Trail

Length: 215 miles

Location: Conn. & Mass. USA

Partner: Connecticut Forest & Park Association

Map of the Susquehannock Trail

25. Susquehannock Trail

Length: 84 miles

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Partner: Susquehannock Trail Club

A map of the Benton MacKaye Trail.

26. Benton MacKaye Trail

Length: 289 miles

Location: GA, TN, NC (USA)

Partner: Benton MacKaye Trail Association

A map of the Croatian Long Distance Trail.

27. Croatian Long Distance Trail

Length: 2140 km

Location: Croatia

Partner: Croatian Long Distance Trail Association

Map of Connecticut River Paddlers' Trail

28. Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail

Length: 400 miles

Location: CT, MA, NH, VT (USA)

Partner: Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail

A map of the Standing Stone Trail

29. Standing Stone Trail

Length: 84 miles

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Partner: Standing Stone Trail Club

A FarOut map of the North Country Trail

30. North Country Trail

Length: 4,110 miles

Location: ND, MN, WI, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT

Partner: North Country Trail Association